Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Protecting Plants from Frost

This stuff about plant hardiness zones just got really real. The country is in a cold snap, and not even Florida has been spared.

That's cold, Jay. Credit

That’s cold, Jay. Credit

The Ohio native in me knows the low-30s aren’t that cold. But still.

Yesterday while I was at home editing Florida Matters, Hubby called and asked, “Are you going to cover your plants?” As a journalist, at first I thought he meant “cover” as in “write about” — like, “Are you going to cover that press conference?”

But it be cold, and he meant literally cover, to protect my plants from the cold.

Huh. Not a bad idea.

So before I picked up Norah from preschool, I brought our bougainvilleas and other A-list plants into the living room:

Classy. Credit Dalia Colón.

Classy. Credit Dalia Colón.

Then I found an old towel and the waterproof tablecloth we use for arts and crafts. I draped them over the big, beautiful plant that always gets lots of compliments but is way too thorny and huge to bring inside. (I’m still not positive what it even is. Crown of thorns, I think?) Check out my handiwork:

Press conferences, plants... I've got it all covered. Credit Dalia Colón.

Plants, press conferences… I’ve got it all covered.
Credit Dalia Colón.

But the wind ain’t no joke, and my coverings didn’t last long. Hubby and another friend suggested I tie garbage bags around sections of the plant. So after Norah’s bedtime routine, I went back outside…

Yeah, so about making my yard look better...  Credit Dalia Colón.

Yeah, so about making my yard look better…
Credit Dalia Colón.

I know there are more legit methods of protecting plants from the frost — methods that involve Christmas lights and tents and whatnot — but there’s no way I’m taking my plants camping before I take my daughter camping. Besides, one of my mantras is, “Something is better than nothing.”

Thankfully, at 7 a.m. this morning, I still had something:

Keeping plants warm? I've got this in the bag. Credit Dalia Colón.

Keeping plants warm? I’ve got this in the bag.
Credit Dalia Colón.

How’d I do? Was there any use to my garbage bag method? How do you protect your plants from the cold?


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