Creature Discomforts: What’s the Strangest Critter You’ve Encountered in Your Garden?

Okay, so the lizard wasn't exactly Godzilla. Credit

Okay, so the lizard wasn’t exactly Godzilla. Credit

Thank God this polar vortex business is over.

A few days ago, it was warm enough for me to remove our potted plants from the living room and return them to the outdoors.

As I reached for the first bougainvillea, I noticed a slender brown lizard clinging to the plant, giving me the side eye.

Now, living in Florida, I know a thing or two about coexisting with the animal kingdom.

But still. I’m not a big fan of creatures in my house.

Lizards are friendly enough… and they deserve major props for eating some less desirable creatures. But when I was a tween, a briefly had a pet anole. Keyword briefly. It did not end well, and I’m still traumatized.

In the case of the bougainvillea freeloader, I escorted the little critter outside. But all you other reptiles out there, consider yourselves on notice. I don’t want to see another lizard in my house unless it’s selling me car insurance.

What about you? What’s the strangest creature you’ve encountered while working in your yard?


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