At the End of the Rainbow, There’s a Pot of Chard

This is what I'm supposed to get. Credit

This is what I’m supposed to get. Credit

Whatever the new year’s resolution, “experts” say it’s important to see results early on. That’s what keeps us motivated.

It’s why financial phenom Dave Ramsey advises, “You should pay off the smallest debt first to create the greatest momentum in your debt snowball.” It’s why pop-doc Ian Smith wrote a book about how to drop two sizes in six weeks.

And it’s why I’m planting chard.

Several folks have told me that greens are among the easiest edible plants for beginners to grow. Not lettuce, but fancy greens like arugula and kale. I’m not big on arugula, so I’ll take door No. 2, thankyouverymuch.

Worm’s Way in Tampa sells a seed packet called Pot of Gold.

I wish! Credit Dalia Colón.

I wish!

The plant purports to be tasty, pretty, foolproof and perfect for containers. So last night while I re-potted some stuff with organic soil, I went ahead and planted some Pot of Gold seeds.

If only I had a four-leaf clover for luck.


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