Thorny Subject: Plants and Kids Both Love to Scratch

Don't scratch me, bro. Credit Dalia Colón.

Don’t scratch me, bro. Credit Dalia Colón.

I’ve noticed a few commonalities between my crown of thorns plant and my daughter:

  1. Both love water.
  2. Both look good in pink.
  3. And both have a propensity to scratch.

It’s not exactly breaking news that a plant nicknamed crown of thorns is rough around the edges. But lately, Norah has been equally scrappy.

The first time a preschool report came home declaring that Norah had gotten a timeout for failing to use “gentle hands,” I thought it was kinda cute and saved it for her scrapbook (no pun intended). But now, we have enough of those reports to wallpaper the Willis Tower.

Norah even scratched me on the cheek a few days before I had a TV taping.

Not cool.

I take heart in knowing that Norah’s scratching habit is just a phrase. Wish I could say the same for my crown of thorns.

What’s your worst gardening-related injury?


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