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Do You Believe in Second Chances?

Lately my bougainvilleas have really been struggling. Even after I moved them into the proper light, they still didn’t have that “wow” factor.

Nearly all their flowers dropped, and I was *this close* to trashing both plants so I could use the pots for something else.

But as long as I was watering the herbs nearby, I kept on watering and feeding the bougainvilleas.

Then, within the last few weeks, well…


Winning! Credit Dalia Colón. And really, God.

Winning! Credit Dalia Colón. And really, God.

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You’ve Got Thyme

My basil has officially gone to that Great Compost Pile in the Sky. Meanwhile, my thyme is off da chain!

All week, I’ve been humming to myself You’ve Got Time, the Orange Is the New Black theme song by Regina Spektor. Love her, love the show.

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Surprised by Chard: This 3-Ingredient Green Smoothie Tastes Amazingly Good

The first time I tasted chard, I was in grad school. I was studying Spanish education, and my supervising teacher, Carmel, invited me to her house for dinner.

A pack of energetic corgis greeted me at the door, and then Carmel, her husband and I sat down to a dinner of… something.

Actually, I can’t remember the entree.

But I sure remember the vegetable: rainbow chard. I’d never seen it before, and I silently panicked because my desire to be polite was butting up against my abhorrence for all things green.

Politeness won out, and I lifted a tiny forkful of chard into my mouth. To my surprise, I actually liked it.

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