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Good Rosemary Makes Good Neighbors… and Good Crepes

Pinterest success! For once. Credit Dalia Colón.

Pinterest success! For once.
Credit Dalia Colón.

A few months ago, a man on his way to visit my neighbor Stuart stopped in front of my house to admire my crown of thorns plant. Stuart later asked me if his friend could have a clipping to start his own bush. I told him to go for it.

Then to reciprocate, about a week later Stuart’s friend left some sort of potted succulent on my front lawn. I wasn’t crazy about the plant — it’s kinda ugly — but since it was a gift, I decided to let it stick around for awhile.

To my delight, a few weeks later, rosemary randomly started growing from the same pot. I love a good BOGO, so I decided the rosemary and its ugly half-brother could stay.

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‘Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That’ Pasta Lunch

My current situation: I’m working from home, and it’s 2 p.m., and I haven’t showered today. I need to put clean sheets on Norah’s bed because, God bless her, she peed through her diaper last night. I also have two freelance stories and a hotel review due by 5.

And yet.

I’m hungry.

At this point in my day, grocery shopping is out of the question. And I rarely order in. It’s just not my thing.

But a quick pantry and garden raid manifested this tasty meal:

Lunch. Done. Credit Dalia Colón.

Lunch. Done. Credit Dalia Colón.


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6 Things to Do with Leftover Herbs

Herb gardening can be an embarrassment of riches. I’m brainstorming ways to solve this “problem.”

1) Cocktails. My friend Autumn lives in Chicago, where you can do cool stuff like take a class on how to infuse cocktails. She gave me the CliffsNotes version, and it seems pretty doable. Infused alcohol would also make a classy gift.


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Do You Grow Your Own Food?

Let’s all play!