6 Things to Do with Leftover Herbs

Herb gardening can be an embarrassment of riches. I’m brainstorming ways to solve this “problem.”

1) Cocktails. My friend Autumn lives in Chicago, where you can do cool stuff like take a class on how to infuse cocktails. She gave me the CliffsNotes version, and it seems pretty doable. Infused alcohol would also make a classy gift.


2) Herb butter. As if we needed another reason to love butter.

3) Paletas. I love buying fancy Mexican-style ice pops at street festivals. They can’t be that hard to make, right?

4) Pesto. I love, love, love basil pesto on pasta. But pesto grilled cheese is a thing of beauty.

5) Salad dressing. I usually just do oil and vinegar. Time to step up my game.

6) Water. Huh. Makes sense.

How do you use your leftover herbs?


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