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Do You Grow Your Own Food?

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Fish Emulsion Fertilizer: Let’s Take this Outside

Just... yuck. Courtesy (discourtesy?) of

Just… yuck. Courtesy (discourtesy?) of

In March, I left the radio station for a TV job.

Among the things I miss: free tickets to hipsterish NPR events, newsroom potluck throwdowns and recapping the latest Housewives episode with this unlikely devotee.

Also: I no longer have an excuse to swing by Worm’s Way organic gardening center.

So recently, I stopped by Kirby’s Nursery in my ‘hood to ask about organic liquid fertilizers. The sales guy talked me into something called fish emulsion fertilizer.

Me: What’s in it?

Him: You don’t want to know.



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Better Ingredients, Better Plants

I'd better not find any actual frogs in this bag. Credit Dalia Colón.

I’d better not find any actual frogs
in this bag. Credit Dalia Colón.

Chefs are always preaching about quality ingredients.

Use the best olive oil you can afford. Don’t cook with wine you wouldn’t drink. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

So when my co-worker/gardening guru Bryan told me I wasn’t doing my plants any favors by using Miracle-Gro soil, I knew he had a point.

Nothing against Miracle-Gro, but it’s sort of the cooking wine of the plant world. It’s just… aight.

A plant is like a dish with only a few ingredients — soil, water, nutrients, sunlight — so every ingredient has to bring its A-game.

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